New Internet UK Passport Application Service

New Internet UK Passport Application Service


  1. robert henry mcCabe says:

    i would like to renew my british passport, could i have some forms to print of.

  2. Pauline Hawkins says:

    Per directions from one of your representatives, I am trying to access the status of my passport.

    I have entered the correct information, and my user name and password are being denied, also phoned and message says you are closed.

  3. kelly summerell says:

    Hello, my new passport arrived today at last! The website is very simple and easy. However, I made the mistake of signing slightly out of the box so this delayed the renewal a little bit… but I have it now!! :)

  4. karen jenkins says:

    I applied on line for passport renewal, cant find where to go to track the status.

  5. sarah says:

    My passport has been in Durham for 9 weeks and counting. I am in Trinidad,there is no M.P. to complain to. What to do??

  6. Michael says:

    I feel sorry for older people who are forced to use computers and internet for such a basic service which should be provided to them as before!

  7. Tina Cheuk says:

    I have old BNO passport but it expired so i should be new apply or renew passport


    Have been informed by the passport office that my online application has been approved and should be received within 7-10days via DHL.However I am denied a tracking number for the carrier, which means I am forced to stay home for a week or so. Regrettably, although I kept a copy of all the Application forms, I forgot User name and password, hence denied access.

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